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two young women smiling and looking at camera

Love and Boundaries

Have you ever asked your child to do something only to have him/her ignore your request, no matter how many times you repeat it? Or…

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Young man smiling at the camera- Thinking Errors

Thinking Errors

Our mental well-being depends on our ability to manage our thoughts, regulate our emotions, and behave productively and responsibly despite our circumstances. This can be…

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two teenage girls standing outside in winter coats leaning on a wooden post


In healthy relationships, negotiation is a skill that allows for each person to be heard and have his/her needs considered. Through negotiation, we learn to…

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biracial man with biracial teenage boy

Family Roles

When you think about your family or a particular family member, you’ve likely thought, “____ always or never does ____”. This is one example of…

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teenage girl with strawberry blonde hair sitting in front of large rocks

Core Issues and Core Meaning

A core issue is a person’s false, negative belief about who he/she is and how he/she fits into the world. Some common core issues are:…

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two women laughing together


Effective communication is key to building a healthy relationship with your teen. Yet even the best relationships need help with communication. This is an area…

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man and younger woman sitting next to each other at dinner table, enjoying a meal in a dining hall

Choices and Accountability

We all make choices on a day-to-day basis that affect our well-being and our relationships for better or for worse. Some choices are relatively simple…

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mother and teenage daughter smiling and walking through a parking lot


When you think of the word “caretaking”, what do you think of? Perhaps you think of a parent caring for a young child or an…

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