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About InnerChange - a higher standard of healing

Our Vision

To Heal Generations.

Our Mission

Facilitate Lasting Change in Young People and their Families.

For more than a decade, InnerChange and its family of programs has worked with adolescents and young adults to bring about change that heals families and lasts for generations. Our programs are rooted in the strength of the family system and include residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools and community-based outpatient opportunities. Though our programs are diverse in many ways, they are all bound by a shared goal: to heal generations and provide lifelong positive change for those with whom we work. Our clinical care philosophy and treatment approach, called CORE, ensures consistency, resiliency and the highest standard of care.

In order to provide the highest level of mental health care in the country, we invest resources to constantly evaluate and improve our teams, our programs, and our therapeutic services.  We call it Precision Mental Health.  What does it mean?  It’s an innovative approach to assessment and treatment which takes into account the unique differences of our students, clients and their families.

As part of Precision Mental Health, our programs embrace a practice of data-driven treatment.  Each InnerChange program measures the health of students, clients and families in real-time, throughout treatment, to ensure we are providing the best care.  In addition, we hold our programs accountable to the highest level of safety, care and quality in the industry with our CORE Quality Standards. Our programs are evaluated using a 100-point quality and safety scale so that we can, without a doubt, demonstrate the highest standard of quality.

InnerChange is guided by formidable leaders who are veterans in their field, working to advance effective residential treatment. Each of our programs is meticulously designed and operated to provide lasting results—and we have the largest database of outcomes in the industry to prove it.

InnerChange– Raise Standards. Heal Families

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