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Precision Mental Health

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The Path to Lasting Change

Most mental health programs are designed to help a specific “targeted” or “typical” client. As a result of this one-size-fits-all-approach, treatment ranges from very successful for some clients to ineffective – or even damaging – for others. At InnerChange, our programs solve this problem with Precision Mental Health, an innovative, feedback informed (FIT), family systems centered approach to assessment and treatment that takes into account individual differences in a person’s environment, neurobiology, family structure and lifestyle. Precision Mental Health provides caregivers with tools to better understand the complex dynamics underlying a family’s state of distress and helps clients customize a pathway to lasting healing.

InnerChange has pioneered this approach by establishing the essential components leading to a higher standard of care.


Data-Driven Treatment

InnerChange provides the highest standard of healing in the industry by combining our teams’ years of skilled therapeutic experience with the power of data. InnerChange care teams collect thousands of points of data daily, weekly and monthly from clients and their family members. As a part of the family systems approach, it is important to see the full picture of the functioning family, their environment and their interaction. This data is then shared with all members of the treatment team and the family, then discussed with the therapist as a part of a better informed treatment plan.

The use of data throughout the course of treatment allows InnerChange to identify and monitor peaks, valleys and trends in progress, both forward and back. It is data that helps us better understand when there are changes in our clients’ progress or satisfaction. Data helps our treatment teams better understand the root causes of behaviors. In combination with our teams’ years of experience in relational therapy, data complements decision making to ensure the highest standard of care in the industry.


InnerChange has been a pioneer in the movement to collect outcomes data.  We have been collecting consistent data and tracking the effectiveness of our treatment across thousands of clients for more than a decade.  Unlike other programs in our field, this self-imposed accountability goes well beyond benchmarking at admission and the conclusion of care.

InnerChange programs have been gathering data since 1998.  Starting with one program, data collection is now integrated across all of the InnerChange programs.  Each InnerChange program is able to demonstrate the effectiveness of its treatment up to two years post-discharge.

This constant, consistent evaluation is crucial in providing actionable insights, allowing us to better understand factors and events that may impact progress, success and the entire treatment experience. Even the smallest interaction can have a ripple effect on outcomes, and the data is there to track all client activities including their environment.

Clients and their families are surveyed at admission, throughout treatment, at discharge and post-discharge.  It’s this consistent data collection that allows us to say with confidence that our programs deliver lasting change. We can prove this with data up that shows that up to two years post discharge almost 90% of our clients have not required additional in-patient treatment.  And that’s why we come to work every day!

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Individual Program Outcomes

All of our programs offer outstanding results in their areas of expertise. To see individual program outcomes, please click the logo below.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a practice that all of us expect when we are seeking care for our loved ones. It’s a standard found in most health care environments, including hospitals. It’s the quiet force in the background that keeps us assured of safety and excellent care standards. Using the same data-driven approach used in our data-driven treatment, InnerChange ensures the highest quality through its self-imposed, proprietary quality assurance program called the CORE review. With this 100-point quality review, all of our programs can ensure that consistent quality and safety is unmatched in the industry.


InnerChange care teams work together across our company. We are better and stronger together. We share best practices to ensure that the highest level of mental health treatment is provided across all of our programs. We fuel innovation, not just among ourselves but across the industry, pioneering new approaches to treatment and care, using data to inform decisions and planning. And we want to achieve our goal to provide a higher standard of care and heal more families.